Little Lefroy’s is owned and operated by Cat and Dave Exham, who have eaten their way around the world. Working along the way to fund the feasting, they rolled home at the end a good 10kg heavier and with a new found food intolerance in tow.

From the Cornish farmlands where the cheese is strong and the cider is stronger, to the Scottish Highlands where they discovered that Haggis is in fact, not a dirty word after all, Cat and Dave have lived the foodie dream. In the French Alps, where they were running a ski chalet, they bought confit duck from a can and an entire wheel of cheese as a legitimate dinner option, and whilst visiting friends in Sweden, they had a minor life (and thigh-gap) changing discovery that cinnamon buns and salted chocolate complement afternoon tea in the best possible way.

Travelling by train to the furthest tip of Sicily, they were given fresh fish, caponata, arancini and cannoli by the locals, which only solidified their love affair with the place. They walked home sideways after a wine “tasting” in a local shed, the delicious wine was served by the mug and sold in recycled soft drink bottles.

Little Lefroy’s has been a labour of love. And a long time coming.

“We have had a lot of fun getting ready for Little Lefroy’s, Dave and his good friend Dan have built all of the tables from recycled pallets; the bar was built from an old bridge, the bar top from an old pool table, the lights are made from recycled wine bottles - everything has been done consciously. We are aware of our environmental footprint, and would like to make it as small as possible, where ever possible.

We have always been very mindful of the food we eat. Dave has type 1 diabetes and I am dairy intolerant. We get it, we understand food intolerances and dietary choices. It is for this reason that most of our food is made with dairy and gluten alternatives.

No matter where you are, as long as you have good company, honest food and delicious wine, you can feel at home.”

This is the ethos being brought to the table at Little Lefroy’s.